Paper accepted at ACM Multimedia 2017


WebRTC Congestion Control using Forward-Error Correction

by Balázs Kreith, Varun Singh and Jörg Ott was accepted at ACM Multimedia 2017.


In this paper, we propose a new rate control algorithm for real-time interactive multimedia traffic. In our approach, we send Forward Error Correction (FEC) packets not only to perform better error-resilience, but also to probe for available bandwidth. We also show that by varying the amount of FEC the sender is able to increase the amount of sending rate by adding an extra ratio to the media rate. We evaluate our proposal, the FCC algorithm, in a simulated networking environment using a set of different reference test scenarios and compare it to another recent congestion control algorithm, SCReAM. We find that FCC performs better than SCReAM when competing against TCP background flows, i.e., it is able to obtain its "fair" share. In other (non-TCP) scenarios, it achieves comparable path utilization and queuing delay, but at lower loss rate.