• Christine Lissner (admin)
  • Thomas Paul (tech)
  • Simon Zelenski (tech)
  • Vincent Fischer (tech)

Post-docs and senior researchers

PhD students

  • Vittorio Cozzolino (Sensing on demand platform for heterogeneous environments)
  • Linus Dietz (Data-driven destination recommender systems)
  • Trinh Viet Doan (Internet consolidation and decentralization)
  • Michael Haus (Privacy-preserving proximity services)
  • Daniel Herzog (Group recommender systems)
  • Teemu Kärkkäinen (Delay-tolerant and opportunistic networking systems)
  • Leonardo Tonetto (Mobile measurements and data analysis, mobility modelling)
  • Pegah Torkamandi (Mobility measurements, analysis, and modelling)

Research assistants

  • Arthur Butorev (Internet of Things)
  • Justus Fries (Internet Measurements)
  • Luca Schumann (Internet Measurements)
  • Fiona Guerin (Distributed mobile code execution on embedded devices)
  • Christopher Laß (Recommender systems, containerization)
  • Oleksii Moroz (Embedded boards, sensors, virtualization environments)
  • Alexander Frank (Mobile Users Sensing)
  • Sascha Sauermann (Mobile Users Sensing)
  • Moritz Untersperger (Mobile Users Sensing)

External PhD students

  • Saba Ahsan (@Aalto, Internet measurements, video modeling)
  • Ermias Andargie (@Aalto, Mobile data analysis)
  • Alemnew Sheferaw Asrese (@Aalto, Internet measurements, QoE modeling)
  • Aygün Baltaci (@Airbus, robust mobile networking for drones)
  • Bernhard Häfner (@BMW, vehicular networking architecture)
  • Ari Keränen (@Ericsson, Delay-tolerant networking and the Internet of Things)
  • Maël Kimmerlin (@Aalto, virtualization, cloud bursting)
  • Arseny Kurnikov (@Aalto, Security and application processing in opportunistic networks)


  • Lars Eggert - NetApp
  • Hannu Flinck - Nokia Bell Labs
  • Ahmed Helmy - University of Florida
  • Andrea Passarella - IIT-CNR
  • Sasu Tarkoma - University of Helsinki
  • Chenren Xu - Peking University

Alumni and graduated PhD students

  • Aaron Yi DING (Postdoc@CM, 2016-2018): Assistant Professor, TU Delft.
  • Esa Hyytiä (Aalto, post-doc): Associate Professor, University of Iceland.
  • Marcin Nagy (@Aalto/, 2019, Security in mobile and opportunistic networks)
  • Roberto Morabito (@Ericsson, Aalto, 2019, Lightweight virtualization, Internet of Things)
  • Petri Laari (@Ericsson, Aalto, 2017): State-Efficient Forwarding with In-packet Bloom Filters.
  • Varun Singh (Aalto, 2015): Protocols and Algorithms for Adaptive Multimedia Systems.
  • Somaya Arianfar (Aalto, 2015): Revisiting Resource Utilization in the Internet: Architectural Considerations and Challenges
  • Philip Ginzboorg (Aalto, 2014): Security Mechanisms in Partially Isolated Networks.
  • Mikko Särelä (Aalto, 2011): BloomCasting for Publish/Subscribe Networks.
  • Mikko Juhani Pitkänen (Aalto, 2011): Data Availability in Challenging Networking Environments in Presence of Failures.