M.Sc. Topic / Guided Research: Drone-Enabled Autonomous IoT Device Management

The number of deployed IoT devices is steadily increasing and projected to reach approximately 50.1 billions in 2020. Typically, IoT environments are based on a two-tier architecture where we have a server in the backend and the IoT device tier consists of a local control and computing unit. Due to large scale IoT deployments, there is a growing demand for IoT management to keep an up-to-date overview of all these distributed, low power devices during different phases of their life cycle, including installation, registration, user customization, and device control. The goal of this work is to extend our current platform [1] for IoT devices without backend connectivity, e.g., BLE beacons, towards an autonomous device control using indoor drones. The indoor drone (DJI Spark [2]) searches after nearby devices for backend integration and creates a device map for ongoing path planning. On this basis, the device administrator is able to adapt the device configurations at a central view point which are autmatically synchronized via the indoor drone. The indoor drone flies to every BLE beacon and updates the device configuration.


  • Programming skills, e.g., C++, Java
  • Knowledge of basic path planning mechanisms
  • Knowledge of techniques for map creation


If you are interested into the thesis, please send me your CV and exams transcript.

Michael Haus - haus@in.tum.de


[1] Managing IoT at the Edge: The Case for BLE Beacons. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Experiences with the Design and Implementation of Smart Objects. 2017.

[2] https://developer.dji.com