Open Guided Research, BSc and MSc Thesis Topics

We are offering topics in the context of and complementing our research projects. Below is a short list of some of the open topics. Please contact us to learn more about those. And, since any list may be out of date, please also check with us about other emerging topics or your own ideas. The homepage for chair members can be found here

We are primarily a systems research group, so usually expect to do some kind of real world prototype system and/or simulator code implementation and evaluation. This may include putting together hardware for testbeds or evaluation systems and sometimes user studies. In some cases, we'll look for solid mathematical modeling and analysis, likely paired with simulations.

We expect all theses to be written in English.

Formal guidelines and information about the formatting and the submission of a thesis can be found here.

To apply for a topic, please send an email to the respective supervisor including a letter of motivationCV, and a transcript of your completed courses.

Note: For the majority of the thesis topics, the candidate is required to undergo a trial period of the duration of one month during which his/her capabilities will be assessed. Such requirement implies that the official thesis registration date will be accordingly moved. Exceptions are possible based on the advisor discretion.

List of Topics (Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Guided Research)

Topic TitleKeyword TypeAdvisor/s
Integrating Local Broadcast Beaconing Technologies for Trigger-Actiong ProgrammingIoT, VLC, LoRaMTTeemu Kärkkäinen
WebAssembly Runtime for Networked MicrocontrollersWASM, IoT, MCUMTTeemu Kärkkäinen
Building a Visible Light Communication Flashlight (or laser pointer)VLCBTTeemu Kärkkäinen
Simulating the Mobility of a Million Humans with a GPUBT/MTTeemu Kärkkäinen
Network Layer for Abstracting Broadcast Beaconing–based CommunicationsBluetooth LE, LoRa, VLCMT/GRTeemu Kärkkäinen, Michael Haus
Disruption and Disconnection Tolerant Video Analytics PlatformBT/MTTeemu Kärkkäinen
Serverless Lambda Executors at the Edge of the NetworkMTTeemu Kärkkäinen
Simulating Bluetooth Low Energy Beaconing by Mobile DevicesMT/GRTeemu Kärkkäinen
Analysing Microcontroller Use in Everyday Objects Based on Youtube Teardown VideosBT/GRTeemu Kärkkäinen
Human Mobility Tracking with Highly Directional Wi-Fi BeamsMTTeemu Kärkkäinen
Virtualizer: Physical Objects Reprojection in VR ExperiencesVR, CVGR/MTVittorio Cozzolino
Optimizing Edge-Cloud Computation Offloading with Reinforcement LearningOptimization, SchedulingMT,GRVittorio Cozzolino
Fiddling with MirageOS, Xen and RPI4Hypervisors, unikernels, embeddedGRVittorio Cozzolino
A unikernel-based framework for sensors access multiplexing on RPIIoT, sensorsMTVittorio Cozzolino
"Alexa: can you hear me?" - Improving speech recognition in loud environmentsIoT, Signal processingMT/GRVittorio CozzolinoLeonardo Tonetto
Next frontier of HCI: mapping brainwaves signals to actions in Augmented RealityMachine Learning, ARMT/GRVittorio Cozzolino, Leonardo Tonetto
"Can you read my mind?" - Brainwaves modelling for human-machine interactionSignal Processing, MLBT/MT/GRVittorio CozzolinoLeonardo Tonetto
Crypto-offloading for QUIC using NetFPGANetwork ProtocolsMTJörg Ott
Characterizing Indoor and Outdoor Performance of mmWave WLANMTJörg Ott, Bernhard Häfner
Transport Layer Packet Scheduling for Intermittently Connected Mobile NodesMTJörg OttBernhard Häfner
Where are all these people going?Machine Learning, Human MobilityBT, MTLeonardo Tonetto
Privacy Preserving Individual Activity Recognition with Wireless Signals

Machine Learning, Human Mobility

BT, MT, GRLeonardo Tonetto
Crowd Estimates using Deep Neural NetworksMachine Learning, ModelingBT, MT, GRLeonardo Tonetto
Mobility Prediction using Deep Neural NetworksMachine Learning, Human MobilityBT, MT, GRLeonardo Tonetto
Non-invasive vital signs monitoring systemMachine Learning, IOTMT, GRLeonardo Tonetto
Mapping Cellular Network Dead Zones in GermanyMTVaibhav Bajpai
Analysing FCC's Measuring Mobile Broadband DatasetMTVaibhav Bajpai
A Longitudinal View of Mobile Broadband Speeds in DE/ATMT/BTVaibhav Bajpai
Measuring Web and Video Content Delivery over QUICMTVaibhav Bajpai
A Deep Dive into FCC's Measuring Broadband America DatasetMTVaibhav Bajpai
Performance Evaluation of DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS MTVaibhav Bajpai
Measuring TLS 1.3MTVaibhav Bajpai
A Deep Dive into Netflix Performance and QoEBTVaibhav Bajpai
Analysis of Mobile User QoE using a large-scale dataset from GoogleMTVaibhav Bajpai
Live Dashboard of Longitudinal Internet Performance and QoE DatasetsMTVaibhav Bajpai
Revisiting Characterisation of YouTube VideosBTVaibhav Bajpai
Sensor Data Analysis Inferring Group Proximity at Different ScalesData analysisMT,GRMichael Haus
Proximity Services in Highly Mobile EnvironmentsMobile networkingMT,GRMichael Haus
Indoor Localization via Decentralized Light Bulb NetworkIndoor localizationMT,GRMichael Haus
Ubiquitous Visible Light CommunicationMobile networkingMT,GRMichael Haus
Drone-Enabled Autonomous IoT Device ManagementIoT device managementMT,GRMichael Haus