B/M.Sc. Topic: Development of a Multi-Touch Web Application for Recommending Tourist Trips to Groups on a Public Display


Recommender systems in tourism suggest points of interest (POIs) such as restaurants, museums or monuments to users. A sequence of such POIs along an enjoyable route is called a tourist trip. In previous work, we developed algorithms as well as mobile and web-based user interfaces to recommend tourist trips to single users [1, 2]. In practice, tourists often travel in groups. Hence, tourist trip recommendations for groups have to consider the travel preferences of all group members. Our current research focus are group recommender systems on public displays. Public displays are large displays in public spaces that allow a community to interact with the screen and / or other users. Public displays are getting more and more popular as they can provide useful information such as maps, information about public transport or interesting spots nearby to a person passing by or a crowd. We want to go one step further and develop user interfaces for public displays allowing a group of travelers to receive personalized tourist trip recommendations. For this purpose, we acquired a public display (kiosk) which will be used in this thesis. Applications we develop for this kiosk are web applications running on a web browser such as Google Chrome.

Goals of the thesis

The goal of this thesis is the development of a user interface for a public display allowing a group of users to receive a tourist trip recommendation. The expected outcome is a solution allowing three to five group members to share their travel preferences before a recommendation is requested. In the beginning, the student has to research how similar applications look like and identify assets and drawbacks of the existing solutions. These findings should be used to develop own designs in an iterative design process. In order to evaluate the final design, an alternative approach (e.g., only one user interacts with the system and enters the preferences of the other group members) has to be developed and compared with the own solution in a usability test.


If you are interested in this topic, please send your application (CV, transcript of records and a short motivation statement) to Daniel Herzog (herzogd[AT]in.tum.de). Requirements are a very strong academic record, excellent web design skills and interest in learning and applying user-centered design methods. Ideally, you have some experience in the development of multi-touch web application using HTML canvas, for example.


[1] W. Wörndl, A. Hefele, and D. Herzog. Recommending a sequence of interesting places for tourist trips. Information Technology & Tourism, 17(1):31-54, 2017.

[2] C. Laß, W. Wörndl, and D. Herzog. A multi-tier web service and mobile client for city trip recommendations. In The 8th EAI International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services (MobiCASE). ACM, 2016.